NOTICE - After years of making events the best they can be,
TiguerSound is no longer providing Live Sound services.
We've met some great people and musicians - Thank you to all.

"I'm tired of bad sound" - so I started my own Sound Reinforcement company.

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We’ve been there.
Bad sound, can’t hear yourself sing?

As a musician, I know what it’s like to be on stage. We’ve got quality fresh new equipment from QSC, Yorkville, Crown, Yamaha, TC Electronic, DBX, Lexicon, to name a few. More importantly, we know how to use it properly. We invested in this equipment so you don't have to. We are completely professional and reliable.

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Dave - pre-show at the Scottish Rite theater
in Collingswood, NJ on the Yamaha M7CL

It's a fact - if your sound system sounds bad, the audience thinks your band is bad.
All the practice in the world doesn't matter if you go out to your gig with a pieced together system that you're trying to run yourself. If you're a musician, what the audience hears is dependant on your sound system and who is running it. Life is too short to put up with bad sound. You need to concentrate on making music, not worrying about how your sound translates to the audience - in whatever venue you are in.

Let us handle your sound or “PA system” for your next gig. You deserve the chest thumping lows and crystal clear sound that we can deliver. Your audience will ‘feel’ your music. We believe in quality, and not just being loud for loud’s sake. Your power and energy on stage will translate directly to the audience. We've got all the equipment, or we can mix on yours. If we do our job right, people won’t notice us at all. They’ll just remember that your band sounded great, and will be back - with friends.

Contact Dave at to ensure you sound great at your next gig, festival, corporate event, wedding etc.
Serving the Delaware Valley - NJ, PA, DE, and shore points area.
As always - the TiguerSound guarantee applies - if you're not happy, you don't pay.

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