We've gone digital with wireless mixing!

The highly respected Yamaha LS9 32 Channel digital mixing console from Yamaha Commercial Audio.
Fully storable/recallable mix for every venue/band (including EQ, FX, Compressors, etc.) ensures fast set up and consistency gig to gig for your band.

We are now offering full 16 track track digital recordings of your events.
Please make sure to ask about this service.

Large-Medium Venue/Outdoor

4 - Yorkville U15PB

Small Venue

Aplification: QSC PLX3602, QSC 1804's
Mics: Audix D6, D4, D2 and i5 drum mics
Sennheiser e935's, Shure Sm58's, Sm57's, Rode NT5's
Radial Direct Boxes
Up to 12 separate monitor mixes including IEM (In Ear Monitor) mixes and/or side fills.

Contact Dave at TiguerSound@gmail.com to ensure you sound great at your next gig, festival, corporate event, wedding etc.
Serving the Delaware Valley - NJ, PA, DE, and shore points area.

Allen & Heath MixWiz3

TC Electronic M-One XL effects, DBX 166XL Compressor, Alesis DEQ830 EQ


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